What we do: BE.Strong.Peaceful. is on a mission to help you ignite your most authentic, strong & peaceful self. We focus on the simplest and most effective strategies to create optimal health in body, mind, and energy (or spirit, if you prefer). You can expect lots of yoga and mindfulness-based resources with a sprinkle of other holistic practices and systems.

How we do it: We share these practices and wellbeing education through lots of free online resources in addition to two wellbeing studios– one online and the other in New Brighton, Minnesota.

BSP Founder:
Aimee began teaching mind-body practices and yoga in 2004. Her classes are a unique integration of her personal healing path and the diverse experiences she has gathered by studying and practicing with scholars and healers all across the globe.  

Here's the short story...

After experiencing deep healing through yoga, meditation, and breathwork in 2001, Aimee set out on a three-part mission to: 1) Investigate and share evidence-based integrative healing practices; 2) Create more access to yoga and mindfulness-based practices; and 3) Provide information and resources to help others create healing and optimal health in mind and body.

This mission has driven much of Aimee's academic work, professional experiences, and personal adventures over the last 15+ years.  

Aimee's work has been recognized and supported by organizations and awards such as: Stanford's Compassion and Technology Award, SOFIA public health award, the National Science Foundation, MIN-CORPS, and several research fellowships. Aimee also served as the first Dalai Lama Fellow for the University of Minnesota. The fellowship is a highly competitive global initiative that aims to build and support a network of social innovators who skillfully blend ethics, contemplative values, and compassion into social innovation. The fellowship is personally authorized by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

Credentials: Aimee earned her PhD at the University of Minnesota (UMN) with a research focus in integrative healing therapies (i.e., yoga & mindfulness-based practices) for wellbeing and to reduce symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. She also received her MA in Holistic Health Studies (University of St. Catherine), an MA in Health Journalism and Communications (UMN), and is certified in a variety of wellness systems & practices (NASM CPT, E-RYT 500, PYT-500, Healing Touch, Reiki, & group fitness).


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