Resolution Worksheet: Tips & Support

habits Dec 28, 2016

Did you download your worksheet? If not, get it here. 

Tips to Create Your Best Resolutions:

  • BE honest. Simply fill in the blanks as honestly as possible in your worksheet. You may have to start over a few times to hone your resolution. You can also use a different notebook if you need more space or want to get more artistic with your answers.
  • Set one resolution- you can add another later. I know it's tempting to set more, but multiple resolutions rarely succeed. They're often overly-ambitous and way under-planned. Your Resolution Worksheet will walk you through creation of a more realistic resolution that nourishes your body, mind, and energy. If you're interested in improving your overall wellbeing, then check out your wellBEing lab where you'll get the support and guidance to effectively cultivate more optimal wellbeing in effective and meaningful ways.
  • Make sure your resolution is specific and doable. Setting too many resolutions can leave you overwhelmed and...
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Create Better Resolutions

habits Dec 28, 2016

Here's the thing:

1. Resolutions-as-usual rarely work.

Nonetheless, every January 1st invites the temptation to reinvent yourself with lots of resolutions. You write down that new rigorous exercise regimen, promise to never touch a crystal of sugar again, and build a meditation alter in your living room to support your planned daily practice.

The first three days are a breeze!

Then that happy hour on day four- with lots of margaritas. You consumed a few extras to account for the fact that you slipped up early with your sugar resolution, but won't have any more margaritas for the rest of the year. But, that next day headache meant no meditation or workout, plus your meditation alter broke. Frustration sets in. Day six was a weekend and... all the weekend things declared war on your resolutions. What was the point of all this again? You surrendered on day eight with a margarita and toasted to renewed self-care... next year.

I had many years that started out like this. Margaritas,...

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