Resolution Worksheet: Tips & Support

habits Dec 28, 2016

Did you download your worksheet? If not, get it here. 

Tips to Create Your Best Resolutions:

  • BE honest. Simply fill in the blanks as honestly as possible in your worksheet. You may have to start over a few times to hone your resolution. You can also use a different notebook if you need more space or want to get more artistic with your answers.
  • Set one resolution- you can add another later. I know it's tempting to set more, but multiple resolutions rarely succeed. They're often overly-ambitous and way under-planned. Your Resolution Worksheet will walk you through creation of a more realistic resolution that nourishes your body, mind, and energy. If you're interested in improving your overall wellbeing, then check out your wellBEing lab where you'll get the support and guidance to effectively cultivate more optimal wellbeing in effective and meaningful ways.
  • Make sure your resolution is specific and doable. Setting too many resolutions can leave you overwhelmed and defeated. Choosing just one realistic resolution focuses your attention and effort and improves your chances of success. You can always add a new goal/resolution after you've got the first one down.
  • Your "Why" gets to the meat of your resolution. "Exercising 3 days per week" is a pointless chore unless you identify why it matters to you. Do you wish to feel more energized during the day? Feel stronger in your body? Help ease symptoms of a specific health condition? It's also common to change your resolution after identifying your "Why," so feel free to start the worksheet over if that's the case.  
  • Don't breeze over the obstacles and optimization section. This is a key strategy to set yourself up for success.  
  • As you move to the next mini-goal, you'll keep practicing the one(s) before. You'll likely spend 1-3 weeks on each mini-goal before moving to the next. Be sure to choose specific mini-goals that directly feed into your resolution rather than choosing unrelated goals. For example, if your resolution is to "Exercise 3 days per week for 30 minutes at a time," then you might have the folllowing mini-goals:
    1. Take two 15-minute walks per week.
    2. Add 15 minutes to my walks (total of two per week).
    3. Practice one 15-minute online yoga class per week.
    4. Add 15 minutes to my weekly yoga class. 
    • Hooray! After accomplishing your mini-goals, you've anchored your habit of exercising 3 days per week for 30 minutes at a time. Now's the time to continue practicing that resolution and consider adding a new one to the mix. 
  • Buddy Up. Surround yourself with folks who want you to succeed and who are also interested in improving their own wellbeing. This support and shared energy is monumentally helpful for your success.
  • Get some help. There are many trusted resources you can seek out to help you meet your resolution in a less painful and more efficient way. Just make sure the resources you seek out are scientifically sound, safe, and focused on your success. 

There are two excellent resources here at BE.Strong.Peaceful. to help you meet your resolution(s) and achieve more optimal health in mind, body, and energy:

  • Online Studio: Great for a resolution that is focused on physical fitness. You'll receive weekly workouts, mind-body health guidance, and community support to help you succeed. 
  • your wellBEing lab: If you are really looking for an overall wellbeing boost in 2017 and having trouble just choosing one resolution, then this is likely a good fit. You'll receive the Online Studio with your membership plus a powerful mindfulness-based wellbeing program to help you ignite meaningful and measurable changes in the health of your body, mind, and energy throughout all of 2017 and beyond.

You can learn more about these programs here:


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